What’s coming from PAR
June 18, 2024

At PAR, we are always working on updating, enhancing, and creating new assessment offerings to help you better serve the needs of your clients. We are currently working hard on several new releases and wanted to take this opportunity to give you a sneak peek into what is coming soon. 

Emotional Disturbance Decision Tree (EDDT) 

Coming later this summer, PAR will introduce a more streamlined way to use the EDDT products—both online and on paper. This update to the EDDT will combine all three versions (Teacher, Parent, and Self-Report) into one manual, further simplifying the assessment of emotional disturbance (ED). Additionally, updates to the PARiConnect administration experience will allow users to decide at the time of administration which form they wish to use, enhancing flexibility. 

The EDDT is the first instrument of its kind to provide a standardized approach to the assessment of ED that maps on to all the federal IDEA criteria and addresses the broad emotional and behavioral nuances of children who may require special education services for ED. 

“This will update will help users by combining all the EDDT information into one manual so you don’t need to go to three different manuals in three separate places,” said PAR’s Director of Content & Production Carrie Champ Morera, PsyD, NCSP, LP. “And the 13 case studies in the manual use variations of the forms, so you have a wealth of examples of ways to adapt your use and raters’ perspectives.” 

Feifer Assessment of Childhood Trauma (FACT) 

Coming this fall, the FACT will help users determine the full educational impact of stress and trauma. Consisting of three separate forms: teacher, parent, and self-report, the FACT will provide a way to measure, from a neuropsychological perspective, how stress and trauma affect students in a school-based setting. 

“Customers are going to appreciate the insight this gives them when used in psychoeducational evaluations,” said Champ Morera. “In addition to measuring the physiological, emotional, academic, and behavioral impact of trauma, the FACT includes a resiliency cluster that can be used to measure a student's adaptation and coping skills.” 

The FACT will provide insight into the cognitive, behavioral, and emotional impact of trauma in the school environment and will assist clinicians in the diagnostic process as well as in creating and designing appropriate interventions. 

Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function-Adult, 2nd Ed. (BRIEF2A) 

Later this year, PAR will be introducing the BRIEF2A. In response to customer demand for updated normative data as well as a way to incorporate the vast research done on executive functioning in adults since the test was first published, this update to this gold-standard product will be useful for assessing adults with executive functioning difficulties, ADHD, ASD, traumatic brain injury, as well as many other clinical populations. 

The new edition offers a large standardization sample matched by age, sex, ethnicity, education level, and geographic region to recent nationwide population figures. A slight reduction in the length of the assessment offers more concise scales and reduces the time burden on the respondent. 

The BRIEF2A will have four indexes: Behavior Regulation, Emotion Regulation, Cognitive Regulation, and the Global Executive Composite, with nine scales. 


There is so much more to come! Check back frequently to learn the latest on what we are working on here at PAR.