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You may know that PARiConnect offers administration and scoring of some of your favorite PAR assessment products, but did you know the safety, security, and stability of our online assessment platform leads the industry?


PARiConnect was designed in strict adherence to HIPAA guidelines. The safekeeping of your clients’ sensitive information is extremely important. Client data remain solely within your control; PAR never accesses, aggregates, mines, or analyzes client data. Encryption ensures security in transmission and storage

Patient identification data are protected with TLS 1.2 encryption, and all internal PARiConnect communications are performed behind a firewall. All systems are hosted at a Peak 10 data center that is centrally located to our U.S. Customer base. In addition, PAR complies with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework, certified to adhere to privacy and security principles outlined by the U.S. Department of Commerce to meet EU privacy concerns.


PARiConnect has only been offline for fewer than 30 minutes during 2017, which includes planned downtime to make updates. That means that you don’t have to worry about your access to PARiConnect—it’s always there when you need it!

 Learn more about PARiConnect today! Join us for a free interactive Webinar on December 13 at noon ET to learn how to use PARiConnect to simply your assessment process. Register now

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The SPECTRA: Indices of Psychopathology is a brief, self-administered, multiscale measure of adult psychopathology and functioning. Informed by quantitative model research, the SPECTRA provides an integrated hierarchical assessment of psychopathology from lower-order clinical constructs up through multiple spectra and one general factor.


Standing apart from other measures, the SPECTRA:

• Is a low burden (96 items), psychometrically sound tool that is much briefer than most psychopathology measures.

• Can be used in treatment settings where longer assessments are not feasible or with patient populations that are unable to complete longer test batteries.


The SPECTRA’s 12 scales measure clinically important constructs. The Internalizing, Externalizing, and Reality-Impairing spectra are each composed of four scales. The three spectra combine to form the General Psychopathology Index. Administration and scoring will be available on PARiConnect, our online assessment platform.


Preorder your copy of the SPECTRA today!

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Join us for a live Webinar on Wednesday, November 15 from noon to 1 p.m. ET to discover the features and benefits of our online assessment tool.

The information presented is useful whether you’ve recently signed up for PARiConnect or if you’re just curious and want to learn more.

Whether you’re in private practice or part of a large organization, this interactive session will help you learn how to use PARiConnect to simplify your assessment process.

During this Webinar, you will:

  • See a real-time demonstration of PARiConnect, including viewing the online assessment process from start to finish.
  • Learn about the flexibility of the system, in particular the different administration options available (e.g., e-mail,  onscreen, and manual data entry).
  • Find out how to manage large numbers of accounts, clinicians, and clients.
  • Observe how to import and export data in large batches.

Get information on capturing the current status of inventory and reallocating uses.

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If you haven’t added the Handbook for Using the Self-Directed Search®: Integrating RIASEC and CIP Theories in Practice by Robert C. Reardon, PhD, and Janet G. Lenz, PhD, to your career assessment library, there is no better time than now! A second edition to The Self-Directed Search® and Related Holland Career Materials: A Practitioner’s Guide, this book is designed for professional counselors, psychologists, career development facilitators, career guidance technicians, librarians, social workers, and graduate students learning to be career counselors. It incorporates John Holland’s RIASEC theory with cognitive information processing (CIP) theory and studies four aspects of the career choice process: self-knowledge, options, decision making, and executive processing.

But don’t take our word for it. Here is what others are saying about this important new edition. 

“Through explaining SDS administration and interpretation, Reardon and Lenz effectively link RIASEC and CIP theories to practice…As a result, the writing style is refreshingly personable and enriching.”

-Matthew McClanahan, East Carolina University. Book Review: Handbook for using the Self-Directed Search: Integrating RIASEC and CIP Theories in Practice. The Professional Counselor.


“There is little else to do but rave on about the virtues and resources offered in the Handbook. Janet Lenz and Bob Reardon are to be commended for doing such a fantastic job in producing and editing the Handbook. No career center, counselor’s, or practitioner’s shelf should be without one. John Holland would be proud, and rightly so.”

-Peter Manzi, EdD, School of Counseling, College of Social and Behavioral Science, Walden University. Handbook for using the Self-Directed Search: Integrating RIASEC and CIP Theories in Practice. NCDA Career Convergence Web Magazine.


“Suggesting the integration of two theories (RIASEC and CIP) is a major contribution for providing career practitioners with the means and the process when working with adults…In summary, the Handbook is a useful resource for career practitioners and others who use the SDS in their practices. For those who have studied RIASEC theory and the SDS, the Handbook is a comprehensive update and review.”

 -D. Furbish. Handbook for Using the Self-Directed Search: Integrating RIASEC and CIP Theories in Practice. Journal of Employment Counseling December, 53.

Learn more or get your copy today!