Five Things to Know About the VAS
September 6, 2016
You may know the Vocabulary Assessment Scales™ (VAS™) is a picture vocabulary test that uses high-quality digital photographs to measure vocabulary and language throughout the life span. Here are five things you may not know.

    1. Assess with greater iconicity and ecological validity. Full-color photographs provide the highest degree of realism possible. Beyond simply improving aesthetics, using photographs instead of drawings may allow for a more accurate assessment of an individual’s vocabulary.

    2. Choose between paper or digital stimuli. The VAS stimulus books are available digitally, for use on your tablet, or on paper, for traditional administration.

    3. Free training is available. PAR offers a free training course to assist users in becoming acquainted with the measure. This interactive online presentation is available on demand through the PAR Training Portal.

    4. Evaluate hard-to-test individuals. Ideal for use with nonreaders, beginning communicators, or people who have reading or written language impairments, the VAS requires no reading or writing. The response format places a low demand on motor skills.

    5. Obtain an enhanced skill assessment. Composite and discrepancy scores enhance your ability to interpret expressive and receptive scores. When both the VAS-E and VAS-R are administered, examiners can calculate a Vocabulary Composite Score as well as an Expressive-Receptive Discrepancy Score.

To learn more about the VAS, visit the product page.